Apr 6, 2007

Exploiting keyword research with relevant marketing

Pimping out low value keywords ain't easy. Finding them is though - all you need is a keyword research tool and a little due dilligence on Google. Once you identify a low competition keyword, with reasonable traffiic, think long and hard if there is any possible way for you to exploit it. Look for keywords that represent desire's or need which can be fullfilled by the benefits of your product. The less the demand for those keywords, the higher your ROI the more fun the challenge is.

For example lets say you are selling auto induction kits (700 keywords a month). Why would you want to compete in that kind of grind? Instead, create an ‘auto air filter’ landing page, and market to 3,600 keywords a month that there is less competition over. But wait, we can take it further still: consider the benefit to gas mileage auto air filters provide your car. Wow! Between gas mileage, mileage, and driving mileage – you have well over 50,000 searches a month. Yes, it is a test of your persuasiveness in constructing a landing page with scent trails – but you have so much to gain and so very little to lose.

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