Sep 9, 2007

Google is going to kick aside Timewarner like they were a mom and pop shop.

It's nice to see that Google has held steadfast to their goal of becoming the mother of all monopolies. But after reading leading SEO expert, Bill Slawski's analysis of GPAY, it dawned on me that we are only five years away from Google being hand over fist the biggest bank in the world.

Basically, GPAY is going to allow you to use your cell phone as
1) a digital credit cart that will be accepted anywhere plastic credit cards currently are today (no need to worry about that pesky waitress taking more than a carbon copy anymore )
2) a way to make off line purchases through your cell phone (lets say you want to buy a sweater from a catalog, you just type in the 7 digit text message/authorization approval code into your cell phone and Voila! Google charges your credit card, pays the company selling the sweater and gives them your billing address. Sweet!)
3) A convenient way to pay parking meters, buy soda from vending machines etc.. without having to burden yourself with small change.
4) Even strippers will benefit since this digital credit card will work (undoubtedly) in ATM machine's as well.

I'm excited because this is going to mark the dawn of a new era in e-commerce. No longer will e-commerce be confined to just internet advertising . Commercials; magazine ad's, newspaper ad's, even billboards will all be fair game now. Likewise, catalog companies and infomercial campaigns will be able to rake in more money as well (and cut down on telemarketing), if they can negotiate the e-commerce arena with some grace. As I've predicted before though, Google and Yahoo will likely have a duopoly on all e-commerce at that point.
This will probably be the biggest boost to the US economy since the advent of e-commerce in the 90's.

I will bet you one share of Google stock, that within 7 years of now, Google will have a public approval rating (in the USA) significantly higher than any president in the history of this country.
Your going to love what Google does for you, I guarantee it.

1)Kiss your cell phone bill, your house phone bill, those damn surcharges for text messaging, long distance charges to Tokyo, and your broadband/dsl bill farewell. That is an extra $200 a month; probably one of the bigger tax breaks for your average American. Google is going to setup a worldwide infrastructure that will give everyone free broadband access. This has been rumored for some time now, and given all that is at stake, Google can't Afford NOT to give the world free phone and broadband. The profits from all the increased cell phone advertising, offline advertising, and associated credit card processing would justify financing this endeavor easily.

When Google pulls this off, they are going to be in the perfect position to make GPAY the most commonly use credit card in the world. I'll be eating popcorn and watching CNN (or youtube probably) when that day happens. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and right now, Google is a moral and ethical company. Never have I seen a 10,000 pound gorilla so well behaved. I have faith that the masterminds running Google will take every step conceivable so that the company will never sway ethically from their corporate philosophy. I think that Google's management finds the thought of their offices being corrupt reprehensible.
Honestly, they remind me of our nation's forefather's.