Jun 19, 2007

Don’t bullshit customers

Learn about the breakthrough marketing secret created by neuroscience! Yes, make millions of dollars without even trying. This system is fool proof! Ask Sherry Ann who made 9 billion dollars within a day of purchasing our system. Its that easy!

Okay, most of you probably figured out that the above was complete bullshit. But who honestly has never seen this type of copy before? Sure it works sometimes. A sucker is born every minutes; so the ancient adage goes. But most consumers are not suckers – and treating them as such will lose you a sale.

Consider this: displaying negative customer reviews (testimonials) on you website can increase sales – according to several marketing case studies. Why? Because people want to read authentic customer testimonials – not advertising. And by displaying the occasional negative customer review, you are proving the veracity of your advertising. You are proving that you speak the truth.

Personally, I think the younger generations are better at detecting bullshit than older one’s. That is because younger generations have grown up in a world more saturated with advertising – they are more trained to zone out bullshit. Take the above video. Probably a joke by some kids.

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