Mar 29, 2007

How to use hyperlinks like a kung-fu master

If you want to learn whether your SEO company actually knows a thing or two about marketing, see if they forgot to use embedded hyperlinks. If so, it is a dead give away that your SEO company sucks at what they do. These dinosaurs use to rule Internet marketing, but they started going extinct when a Google algorithm hit them several years ago.

So, if you want to increase your sales, it is up to you to learn how. I can teach you how to raise your conversion rate by crafting hyperlinks like a kung fu master. So read carefully.

Like kung fu, you will learn hyper link usage by watching my examples. Study hard grasshopper!

The wrong way of using hyperlinks (in a random article I wrote)
If you play Texas hold em for large stakes of money, it is imperative you be aware of the various methods a card cheat could employ against you.
  • Peeking the top card of the deck or using marked cards
  • The second deal
  • Engaging in collusion with other players

Just because this is what you are used to seeing does not mean anything. Don’t write copy this way. The only way you could possibly make this even more backwards is, god forbid, displaying html URLs’s.

Here is the correct way of using hyperlinks. When you employ this method, you increase the chance someone clicks onto a scent trail which funnels sales and reduces page abandonment rate. Also, if you wish to one day aspire to a black belt in hyperlink usage, you must learn this first. So follow your Sensei.

The responsible way to use hyperlinks
If you play hold em for large stakes of money, it is imperative you be aware of the artifices that can be employed against you. Unless the crooked gambler possesses sleight of hand skill; the hustle is usually simple collusion between a couple players.

Professional card cheats prefer an information advantage
obtained through peeking the top card or marking the cards in play. These cheats are difficult to detect as they are often good enough to beat you on the square if they wished to. And they never cheat during the first game.

Some card cheats combine their knowledge of the top card with false dealing to obtain an even greater edge. With knowledge of what the burn card is and with the ability to keep it via second dealing, you are 5 times more likely to make your hand.

You found this second paragraph with the embedded hyperlinks more interesting, didn't you? Good! You are now ready to use hyperlinks as a blue belt.

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